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Forever Friends™ pet memorials, pet loss gift and pet memorial items truly comfort after loss of a pet.

Now, a company provides pet and companion owners help in pet mourning and pet grieving process from Forever Friends™.

Forever Friends™ addresses your needs in the pet grieving and mourning process.

Pet grieving, pet mourning and seeking comfort after loss of a pet are all very natural feelings following pet euthanasia or the death of a beloved pet companion. The human/pet bond transcends all others in an incredibly special way making the death of a pet, or companion, so difficult.

It may be helpful to find and read the “Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy Poem” to help cope with the loss of a pet. Select this link, “Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy Poem”, to read the poem.

Treat the loss of an animal companion similar to the loss of a family member:

o Recognize the need for comfort

o Allow pet mourning to happen

o Take a healthy approach to grief, mourning and remembrance

[Comfort after loss of a pet]

Pet grieving can be even deeper than losing human friends.

  • Forever Friends™ pet supplies are the first product line that addresses the need of the pet owner.
  • Products concentrate on helping the pet owner work through pet grieving by building a celebration of life around their beloved friend
[Pet Mourning Process]

Until now pet owners could never find help in the pet mourning process:

  • Forever Friends™ addresses the needs of the pet owner
  • Forever Friends' line of pet remembrance products and pet memorials was designed to help comfort after loss of a pet and bring a healthy approach to the grieving process.

The individual, other family members and friends can conveniently choose an appropriate celebration for a beloved friend, from exquisitely presented and prearranged collections.

  • The collections range from a beautiful wildflower garden kit for a long lasting pet memorial, to a group of products that will celebrate their friend’s life, capture memories and help aid in the pet grieving process.

[Pet Grieving Process]

Forever Friends™ understands the special bond developed between humans and pets. We also understand the need for a healthy approach to grieving, mourning and remembering.

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